The Kiva will be open from 14th June to 17th June 2019

This last year was a very beautiful seeding for the Kiva we now continue with the commitment of the four years.
The power and the grace of the first year’s prayer touched us all very deeply, thank you for all that came to support.
The second year will be for the direction of the south, for the children and the family. 
Wisdom Keepers, Elders and Grandparents of Indigenous peoples from around the world have been invited to come and pray with us in the  Kiva.

A central fire burns for the 4 days of the Kiva.

We are praying with gratitude, sending a prayer deep into the Heart of The Earth awakening the roots of Unity and connection enabling us to fulfil the prayers of our ancestors for a world United in Love.

The vision is for this land to become truly, a United Kingdom uniting all the kingdoms of nature, the rocks, the plants, the water, the flying ones, the four legged and the two legged.

It is time to step up and pray with all people of this Earth with gratitude.

Our focus will be coming back to our roots remembering the communal way of living. There will be Sweatlodges/Temazcals morning and evening to help with our prayers.

We will be sharing stories, music, dance, cultural exchanges, ceremonies and laughter.

Our invitation to you is to join us to empower this prayer , click here to view the essential information about the event.

The Heart of the Earth - Kiva 2018 Trailer from Kiva Edit on Vimeo.

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